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Admission Policy

  1. All admissions shall be on provisional basis and subject to confirmation of admission by the University / Council.
  2. The selection is made strictly on basis of merit and no separate entrance fee is charged. Regarding selection, the decision of IHRM Management is final. Any candidate found indulging in any sort of unfair means during the selection procedure is automatically disqualified.
  3. All fees must be settled in full prior to the commencement of the course.

General Discipline

  1. A student has to ensure at least 75% attendance for attaining eligibility for appearing in the University/Council Examination.
  2. Medical certificate needs to be submitted to the Batch coordinators if there is more than three consecutive days absence owing to illness.
  3. Ragging is banned in IHRM and anyone indulging in ragging process is likely to be punished appropriately.
  4. The disciplinary committee is empowered to investigate, decide on all matters concerning indiscipline activities of the students.

Payment Policy

  1. Student can pay their tuition fee either by a direct bank transfer, Cash or bank draft favoring IHRM, payable at Kolkata. IN case a student repeats a year/semester, he/she has to pay all fees applicable for the year/semester.
  2. Fees must be paid by 10th of the month as per schedule. Student who fail to pay their fee within the stipulated time will be charged a late fine of Rs.25/- for each calendar day of default. The requisite fee along with the late fine should positively be paid within the same month.
  3. Students willing to join the same course after discontinuance caused due to default in payment of fees or due to any other reasons have to pay:
    (a) Fees according to the revised fee structure, if in the new Batch.
    (b) Late fine, as applicable
    (c) The re-admission fee apart from future installment in the revised fee structure applicable to the new batch.

Student Dismissal Policy

A student may be dismissed from the college for any of the following reasons:

  1. Providing false or misleading information on the application form.
  2. Failure to achieve the minimum grade in two consecutive occasions.
  3. Disruptive or threatening behavior in the college and towards fellow students or college staff.
  4. Cheating or helping other to cheat on exams, assignments or written papers.
  5. Failure to maintain the required level of attendance. In case of absence for 15 consecutive days, the collage must be informed with valid reasons and any failure to informed the college will be treated as discontinuance.
  6. Failure to pay the tuition fees.

Re-admission Policy

Any student after discontinuance of the course wishes to rejoin the course later will have to adhere to fresh admission procedure. This re-admission procedure will strictly depend upon IHRM management and subject to availability of seats and cannot be claimed as a matter of right.

Revision and interpretation of rules & polices

The above rules & polices come into effect immediately on joining and equally apply on all existing students. IHRM holds the right to introduce, alter, amend or change any or all the rules from time to time, if found necessary. Interpretation of the rules will always be made by the designated persons of IHRM and shall be fine and binding on all concerned.

Documents required at the time of admission:

  1. Admit card and mark-sheet of 10th
  2. mark-sheet of 12th
  3. cast certificate (if SC/ST/OBC)


  • 3 nos. of attested photocopy of all the above documents should be submitted.
  • 2 copies of recent color passport size photos.
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