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IHRM provides first class educational facilities on site, comparable to the best in the industry. Some of the outstanding features include:

State of the art infrastructure

Spacious, well lit, airy and hygienic lecture halls complete with state-of-the-art audio visual aids.

Information Technology Lab

IT lab built with computers having latest configuration and software. All computers are networked and have high speed dedicated internet access.

Library & Reading Room

The library provides a high standard of learning resources for students. It is equipped with all major journals and periodicals and having the latest facilities like CAS and RS Service.

Games & Refreshment

The student common area is equipped with indoor games and students can relax during breaks.

Practical Lab

Practical facilities include basic food production unit, advanced training kitchen, bakery and confectionery unit, training housekeeping laboratory, front office training module, 32 cover restaurant and well designed training bar.


The Cafeteria not only takes care of the food and nutritional requirements of the students, but also provides them with some moments of relief within the framework of their day long hectic schedules.

Personality Development Classes

The college provides extensive support in spoken or written English for all students. This is done through workshops and sessions where students have the opportunity to talk to a tutor privately about particular language issues. Help may also be provided with study skills including; how to learn more effectively, how to make the most of feedback from tutors and academics.

Industry Visits

We at IHRM believe that knowledge and its application to the needs of business / commerce is vital for success in today’s rapidly changing world. We therefore promote and encourage strong links with the business community through visits, part-time employment and study projects. In this way our students learn how to apply their ideas and knowledge successfully in solving business problems.

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