The college has brought together the right expertise and the experience to offer students the best possible preparation for life in a cosmopolitan world. IHRM has a healthy blend of academicians, administrators and managers to deliver the knowledge, skills and realities of the corporate world. The college draws upon the best from the academic, industry and other organizations. IHRM has its own core faculty committed to excellence. The vast experience of our faculty team enriches the knowledge base of our students, making the learning process a virtual visualization session of methods so that each topic is easy to understand.

For the mental and physical development of the students, the college regularly organizes different extra curricular activities in which the participation is mandatory for all students. The college provides ample indoor and outdoor facilities for games and sports. A badminton court, TT table and volley ball court are operational inside the campus. Events such as debates, quizzes, group discussions and general lectures are organized from time to time and the students are encouraged to participate in them. This develops their leadership qualities, communication skills, team spirit and many other qualities. Experts in the field of development, memory training and human psychology are invited in the campus to interact with the students. They develop qualities in students, to face interviews and GDs with a better confidence. Cultural events such as freshers party, annual day and other events are organized frequently to entertain the students and to develop their talents in the field of performing arts.