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IHRM is one of the premier institutions dedicated to provide quality education in a fully-integrated, multicultural environment. The Campus is spread in a sprawling multi-acre area of land with excellent facilities. Since its inception in the year 1994, the College has become a source of quality education and research in the field of Hospitality, Management & IT sectors. IHRM is committed to achieve excellence in the academic development of students and professionals.

The College combines the finest traditions in academics and a unique methodology of teaching. The core faculty in various streams is backed by academic knowledge and industry experience and actively works on research projects throughout the year. The academic structure at IHRM is such that academic inputs provided by the core faculty are backed by industrial knowledge imparted by the Guest Lectures. The visiting Faculty is also carefully chosen to ensure only the best teach at IHRM. The programmes offered are highly innovative and credible by virtue of their being comprehensive and result oriented.

IHRM aims to inspire in young people of diverse backgrounds a genuine and enduring love for learning, to teach them to think critically and to instill in them the capacity for both independent and collaborative work. The College seeks to develop in our students the technical expertise, management abilities and professional versatility required in today’s knowledge based economy.

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